A Photo a Week Challenge – Movie Reference

…join Nancy Merrill in her Photo a Week Challenge 

I really didn’t think I had anything to share for this challenge until I remembered that the Humber College buildings that we pass almost daily on our walks were used eons ago for the movies.

The building that I’ve photographed was was originally on the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital grounds and was used as the headquarters of the police academy for the movie. The actual building appeared in Police Academy 1 (1984), 3 and 4. The series starred Steve Guttenberg and Kim Cattrall.

Today the grounds were bought up by Humber College and all the buildings, except the one used in the movie have been restored and are now used as classrooms and offices.

IMG_3420 IMG_3421 IMG_3422


Sunday Tree – 158

…..now that we’ve officially had our first snow storm most of the trees have been stripped of their leaves

I’ve always been a huge fan of bark. I love the texture, the subtle colours and the interesting lines that bark produces.

IMG_3425For more Sunday Trees check out Becca Givens’ site.


Table Top Painting and Drawing Part 2

….I finished my on-line course this week

I really enjoyed this on-line class with Diane Culhane. I don’t always finish all the assignments but for some reason this class held my interest and the assignments didn’t inhibit me. Carla Sonheim really has a knack for finding amazing art instructors for her on-line classes.

The last three days of this six-day class involved painting on gessoed paper, a textured wood panel and glazed canvas and making glazes with acrylic paint. All the compositions consisted of table top still life arrangements that we had to create. Here are my creations in the order that I finished.

On gessoed paper.

On gessoed paper.

On a textured wood panel.

On a textured wood panel.

On a glazed canvas.

On a glazed canvas.

Picasso Portraits as Seen Through the Eyes of Children

….my kindergarten class just finished their Picasso portraits

After discussing faces and the different parts and how to draw them I introduced Pablo Picasso to my kindergarten class. We talked about the difference between reality painting and abstract painting and how Picasso could do both. I had photographs of some of Picasso’s abstract portrait paintings and then I drew an oval shape and divided it with a vertical line down the centre. I encouraged the children to use curvy or zigzag lines and to add more than one.

The next part was the fun part. They could draw as many eyes, noses and mouths as they wanted. They could use any colour for skin and hair. Each child was given a black Sharpie to draw a shape for the face, the lines within the shape and then all the facial features that they wanted to add. When they were done with that they took crayons and coloured in their Picasso faces and some of them coloured the background as well. I was amazed at the detail that they added. They really took the time to examine some of Picasso’s portraits and you could see how they tried to incorporate some of his design details in their own work. I think they’re fabulous. You be the judge.