Share Your World – 2014 – Week 47

…..this week Cee has changed up the format 

List at least 50 Things You Enjoy.

1. My husbandIMG_3231

2. My husband’s cooking

3. My children and their significant others

4. Doing art

5. Teaching artIMG_3320

6. Children’s art

7. Reading books, both to myself and to children

8. Spending time with my friends

9. Going out for dinner, occasionally

10. Pizza night at the Cormier’s (homemade of course)IMG_3256

11. Two months at the cottageIMG_2199 P1020892 IMG_0975

12. Travelling with my husband

13. Weekends with the girlsP1030465 P1030930 P1030396

14. Trips to the art gallery and museumIMG_2544 IMG_2761

15. Car trips into the country

16. Walks on the beach in the summer

17. Walks in the the neighbourhood all year roundIMG_2940 P1040320

18. Going to the theatre and to concerts

19. Taking art classes and learning new techniquesP1040174

20. Baking at Christmas time

21. Blogging

22. Taking photosP1010385 IMG_2753 IMG_3371

23. Singing in a choir

24. Riding my bikeP1020017

25. Gardening (not the weeding part)

26. Spending time with my children

27. Running with my daughterIMG_2749

28. Talking on the phone with my sisters and friends

29. Talking on the phone and visiting with my Dad

My 88 year old Dad and me.

My 88 year old Dad and me.

30. Making treats for the staff at school

31. Coaching children’s sports teams at schoolP1020329 IMG_1743

32. Teaching art to the kindergarten classIMG_3336

33. Buying books for the libraryIMG_3004

34. Learning new crafts

35. Buying clothes

36. A good glass of wine photo 3-59photo 1-65

37. Cheese…..all kinds of cheese

38. Restorative yoga

39. Pedicures

Getting our feet ready for sandal season.

Getting our feet ready for sandal season.

40. Wine touring

41. Getting together with old friendsphoto 1-233

42. Watching a good movie

43. Birthday parties, staff parties, Christmas parties and weddingsIMG_3275 IMG_2470 photo 1-63 IMG_0292 317011_10150378964000420_731205419_10424785_1488644679_n-3 P1030978 P1030017P1030018

44. Knitting

45. Playing my ukulele

46. Playing board games and cards, i.e. scrabble and euchreP1010828

47. Playing the slots and games on the midway (once or twice a year)IMG_2444

48. A great cup of coffeeIMG_0090

49. Freshly baked bread

50. Watching Survivor, Amazing Race, Dancing with the Stars

51. Spending time with our dog, FrancesP1020013

52. Going to the farmers’ markets in the  summer and autumn IMG_2987 IMG_2976 IMG_2979

A Photo a Week Challenge – Movie Reference

…join Nancy Merrill in her Photo a Week Challenge 

I really didn’t think I had anything to share for this challenge until I remembered that the Humber College buildings that we pass almost daily on our walks were used eons ago for the movies.

The building that I’ve photographed was was originally on the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital grounds and was used as the headquarters of the police academy for the movie. The actual building appeared in Police Academy 1 (1984), 3 and 4. The series starred Steve Guttenberg and Kim Cattrall.

Today the grounds were bought up by Humber College and all the buildings, except the one used in the movie have been restored and are now used as classrooms and offices.

IMG_3420 IMG_3421 IMG_3422


Sunday Tree – 158

… that we’ve officially had our first snow storm most of the trees have been stripped of their leaves

I’ve always been a huge fan of bark. I love the texture, the subtle colours and the interesting lines that bark produces.

IMG_3425For more Sunday Trees check out Becca Givens’ site.


Table Top Painting and Drawing Part 2

….I finished my on-line course this week

I really enjoyed this on-line class with Diane Culhane. I don’t always finish all the assignments but for some reason this class held my interest and the assignments didn’t inhibit me. Carla Sonheim really has a knack for finding amazing art instructors for her on-line classes.

The last three days of this six-day class involved painting on gessoed paper, a textured wood panel and glazed canvas and making glazes with acrylic paint. All the compositions consisted of table top still life arrangements that we had to create. Here are my creations in the order that I finished.

On gessoed paper.

On gessoed paper.

On a textured wood panel.

On a textured wood panel.

On a glazed canvas.

On a glazed canvas.