How Would You Look if You Played a Part in the New Peanuts Movie?

…..this is fun to play with

Chris Donner over at Cee’s Photography introduced my to Get Peanutized. The new Peanuts movie is coming out this November and this website lets you create your own Peanuts Character. Of course I had to have long blonde hair and those cool red heart shaped glasses. I also loved school so my setting is in front of the lockers with my sidekick, Snoopy. Give it a try!

Me in the Peanuts Movie

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge – The Back of Things

….thanks Cee for this challenge….I’m always taking pictures of my husband’s back because he’s always in front of me

Before you think that this is a cultural thing, it’s not. When we go on our walks I always stop to take pictures and he keeps going.

IMG_5807 IMG_5950 IMG_3909 IMG_4738 IMG_5330 IMG_5557 IMG_5669