Imaginary Creatures Created From Sidewalk Cracks

….I can’t tell you how much my students loved going outside and sketching the cracks in the pavement

Today my grade two students took their favourite sidewalk crack and using it as the starting point drew an imaginary creature. I can’t take credit for this idea. I’m taking an on-line class with Carla Sonheim called Imaginary Creatures and one of the assignments was to pull out images from cracks anywhere you could them.

Here are some of the creatures that my grade two class created today. I included two of the original cracks that inspired the finished project. I hope you enjoy them!


Compose Yourself Adjustments

….yesterday I posted photos of Vertical Lines with adjustments to some of the photos

One of the things that I have difficulty with is removing details from a photo without leaving a blur. Cee commented that she couldn’t see the adjustment so I decided to print the before and the after photos. The other thing I don’t know how to do is add photos to the comment boxes.


As you can see I cropped the bottom and the right hand side, enhanced the colour, added more contrast and I took away the yellow sign on the blue lamp post. Can you see the blur now?






Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge – Vertical Lines

…thanks to Cee for this week’s challenge

I did a lot of adjusting to this week’s photos, mostly cropping because I have no idea how to take out details without leaving a blurry mark. Can you tell in which photo I tried to remove one piece of detail?